From production to the finished product, you can count on us every step of the way. During the manufacturing process of your stand components, we plan all of the logistics and take care of any organizational issues such as registration and approval so a smooth set-up can be carried out by our experienced team and assembly crews.

Are you planning a conference, company party, or another event?
We take care of everything from planning, organization, and conference management, to corporate events and festivals – whether they be indoor or outdoor!

Our multifaceted team of technicians, architects, and carpenters are all in-house at our facilities in Regenstauf thus making it possible to revise and repair any building components intended for your project.


  • Taboola

    DMEXCO, Cologne

  • Freud

    Ligna Hannover

  • GVS

    Altenpflege, Nuremberg

  • Etas

    Embedded World 2017 Nuremberg

  • Motul

    INTERMOT, Cologne

  • Kiehl

    Altenpflege Hannover

  • ETAS

    Embedded World 2018 Nuremberg

  • Baumann

    SMTconnect, Nuremberg

  • ALPS

    electronica 2018 Munich

  • ALPS

    electronica Munich

  • Baumann

    EMO Hannover

  • Mahlo

    ITMA Milan

  • Medela

    Babywelt Essen

  • Kontex

    fairconcept Frankfurt

  • Kiehl

    CMS Berlin

  • Triacos

    logiMAT Stuttgart


  • Bürgerfest Regensburg

    Bunte Bühne

  • Sugar Inhorgenta


  • Zuckerbrot & Peitsche

    Festival Regensburg

  • CMB Expo exhibition:

    Sana Life


  • At CMB Expo, we have more than 2,000 m2 of space to store your exhibit components until your next exhibition or event.

    Our large in-house carpentry workshop allows us to cater to any of your building needs.

  • Production